From Rural Villages to Global Art Galleries: The Fascinating Journey of Traditional Indian Folk Art Part-2


Reading Time: 7 minutes I. Indian Folk Art in the Global Art Scene A. Present examples of Indian folk art being showcased in international art exhibitions, galleries, and museums Indian traditional folk art is now routinely exhibited in international art exhibitions, galleries, and museums since it has recently gained more recognition and appreciation on a global scale. One example … Read more

Exploring the rich history of Indian miniature painting

The Razmnama

Reading Time: 6 minutes I. Introduction A. Definition of Indian miniature painting India has a long heritage of creating Indian miniature paintings, that are characterized by their compact size and fine details. These paintings, which are typically done on paper using watercolors and gouache, are frequently used as adornment for temples and palaces along with to illustrate manuscripts. They … Read more

Discover the Fascinating Evolution of Oil Painting through Time – Part 1

Jan Van Eyck painting

Reading Time: 2 minutes The history of oil painting and its evolution over time In this 4 part blog series we will discuss The Evolution of  Oil painting. It is a medium that has a rich history, dating back to the 15th century. The origins of oil painting can be traced back to Northern Europe, where painters began experimenting with … Read more

Unveiling the Remarkable History of Lithography: A Fascinating Journey from Invention to Contemporary Art

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is lithography? Lithography is a printmaking process that involves creating a design on a flat surface, typically a stone or metal plate, using a greasy substance (such as a specially prepared ink or a crayon). The surface is then chemically treated so that the ink adheres only to the areas with the design, while … Read more

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